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Cobalt Octoate

A Cobalt Octoate is primary/active drier Cobalt drier is the most widely used drier in coating It is primarily an oxidation catalyst that acts on top of the coated film. It is the most active surface drier. Cobalt effects rapid surface drying and is generally used in conjunction with auxiliary driers. It is compatible with all surface coating media. The octoate being the most effective drier, promotes polymerization of media, hardens the paint film, improves gloss and water resistance, and reduces film brittleness. Cobalt Octoate is basically a metal caroxylate used to accelerate the drying process like linseed oil.

FRP Grade Cobalt Octoate

FRP Grade Cobalt Octoate is used as suitable promoter for improving the curing standard and in quickening curing process of vinyl ester resin and polyester in presence of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. Also referred as accelerator, this chemical acts as a suitable drying factor during coating formulation. Due to its shrink forming tendency, FRP Grade Cobalt Octoate is used in combination with other types of auxiliary dryers. Presence of cobalt octoate prevents moisture ingress of paint based film which in turn enhances glossiness of paint.

Cobalt Octoate

Cobalt Octoate proposed by us is an extremely active and most extensively utilized drier in coatings and also capable of being utilized even as a single Drier. It is mainly an oxidation catalyst and plays an important role as a Surface Drier. It is usually utilized in blend with many other secondary driers. It can be mixed at 0.05-0.5% depending on the vehicle solids. Owing to its exceptional property, Cobalt Octoate helps in preventing atmospheric humidity to come into paint films.