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Combination Drier
In paint production arena, combination driers are used to minimize drying duration of paints post their application on specific substrate. Available in different composition based choices, offered range of chemical deserves praise for its balanced content and standard shelf life.
Cobalt Octoate
As suitable primary dried, Cobalt Octoate is used for drying of different coating materials.  Inclusion of offered array of chemicals during coating formulation helps to harden coated film and also enhances glossiness of applied coating. As effective oxidation catalyst, offered range of chemical is used along with auxiliary drier.
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide is a slight yellowish or colorless chemical compound, employed in the formation of plastic monomer applications. It is used as a cross linking agent in the polymers manufacturing.
Polyester Resin
We deal in polyester resins, that are demanded for usage in a broad range of applications.  From manufacturing sector to automotive sector, it is opted for its advantageous properties.
Arioxime Chemical
Arioxime Liquid Chemical serves as suitable metal complexing agent, powerful oxidant and also as skinning preventive factor for alkyd based system. Available in clear liquid form, offered chemical has around 2 mm hg vapor pressure at 20 degree C temperature.
Barium Octoate
Barium Octoate is used as suitable heat and light stabilizing factor along with cadmium during production of PVC. Available in yellow color, offered chemical has 0.940 specific gravity at 30 degree C operating temperature. Standard shelf life is one of its key aspects.
Cadmium Octoate
Available in dark yellow color, offered Cadmium Octoate is used as suitable stabilizing factor during formulation of PVC. Available in pure form, offered chemical easily dilutes in organic solvents.  Standard shelf life, toxin free content and stable chemical attribute are some of its key features.
Calcium Octoate
Calcium octoate is used as suitable stabilizing factor for poly vinyl chloride. Offered low viscosity liquid chemical can easily integrate with different media. Standard shelf life, accurate composition and non toxic content are the key characteristics of this range of chemical.
Cerium Octoate
As effective auxiliary drier, Cerium Octoate is used along with cobalt octate and lead for alkyd finishes. This industrial grade liquid chemical serves as suitable pigment wetting factor and as effective dispersing agent in different industries. Standard shelf life, balanced content, non volatile nature and standard metal content are its key aspects.
Copper Octoate
Copper Octoate is used as effective anti fouling factor during formulation of ship bottom paints. It is also used as rot protection chemical in textile arena. In wood processing arena, offered range of chemical is required to prevent formation of mildew in order to resist decaying of wooden furniture or any other object.
Iron Octoate
Reddish brown colored Iron Octoate is used as suitable drying agent during polymerization process. Offered range of chemical is suitable for reducing adsorption rate of pigment driers. It is also used to remove tackiness of film layer of paints that have non drying oil based content.
Lead Octoate
As active drying factor, lead octoate is used for thorough drying of paint applied surface to make it hard. Pale yellow in appearance, this range of  chemical is also used for forming tough surface layer of floor finishes and exterior paints along with manganese.
Manganese Octoate
As suitable intermediate, Manganese Octoate possesses excellent oxidizing and polymerizing characteristics. Offered range of chemicals is used as essential element during formulation of foundry chemicals,  exterior paints and floor finishes. Available in 99% pure form, offered range of brown liquid based chemical remains non volatile at 120 degree C temperature.
Nickel Octoate
Nickel octoate is significantly used in the preparation of the nickel based catalysts. It is also utilized in the treatment of the crude oil. It is a wonderful solvent in the chemical industry.
Potassium Octoate
Our company has brought potassium octoate, which is used in a vivid range of industrial sectors. It is used in the polymerization of the polyester resins.